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The "Momma’s"

Rubie Mae

Rubie Mae is our dark red F1 Goldendoodle. Golden doodles are such great dogs- you get both the qualities of a golden retriever and a poodle all mixed into one. Playful and a great temperament all in one! With minimal to no shedding and hypoallergenic. Rubie has helped in creating the dark red “tuxedo look” F1B doodle. This is our F1 Goldendoodle Momma 62 Pounds.

Lucy Lola

Lucy is our red AKC Golden Retriever that is the most loveable girl- she just wants lovin all day every day. I grew up raising Goldens and they will always be one of my MOST favorite doggies! Lucy helps in creating F1 Goldendoodles that range from a red to a blonde with white spots intermingled in. F1’s typically have the “loose, teddy bear” look of curly waves. They also have minimal to no shedding and are hypoallergenic. AKC Golden Retriever Momma 50 Pounds.


Our very own “Jelly Donut”! My husband and the kids finally won out with this name for our red full blooded AKC Poodle. She is such a sweet Donut! Poodles don’t shed and are just all-around great family dogs! Both of our poodles have the best temperaments and are so wonderful with the kids! AKC Poodle Momma is a 30 Pounds.

The “Daddy”

Puddles The Patriot

Puddles, who is officially “Patriot” on paper and sometimes what he goes by, is our AKC full blooded Poodle. He is daddy. He loves his life : ) He is white with spots and he sure throws a bunch of white out there! His puppies range from light blonde to a dark red. The white spots have been on puppy’s toes, tips of tails, chests, forehead, and white streak down their face. They are all so adorable! AKC Poodle Daddy- 41 Pounds.